10 Tips For A Successful App Launch

So your app is finished. A lot of the hard work is behind you, but there will be more work in order to have a successful launch. You are now shifting from development to marketing, but there’s still a lot of work ahead of you. There are over a million apps out there and you’ll need to distinguish yours from the crowded field of players. In order to do that you will have to pay attention to the many different aspects of the market. Getting a lot of downloads in a short amount of time is the goal, and by following the 10 tips below you will definitely increase your chances.

  1. Choose a launch date: This may seem obvious, but choosing a definite date for launch will drive the rest of your planning and create a tangible milestone that will motivate you to get things done.
  2. Have your materials together ahead of the launch: Don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure your tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, press releases and all other promotional content are finished before you launch. You will be very busy and won’t want to be worried about creating your marketing content in the middle of the launch. Planning is key.
  3. Create visual materials: This includes items such as a professionally done logo and other marketing graphics you will use to promote your apps. You’ll want these completed and available to give to reporters and other journalists as you seek press for your launch.
  4. Make a video: A video is the best way to communicate all the features and functionality of your app. If you don’t have the budget for a full production video, you can use emulator software on a desktop to do a desktop video with voiceover.
  5. Build a landing page with email subscription form: You’ll want to be prepared with a great landing page to sign up subscribers early on. You can offer early access to subscribers, and preview your app with the video you made. Your subscribers can get involved with the development, sample some of the content, and you can explain some of the features. This will go a long way towards developing trust and loyalty which will help pre sell your app. Offer incentives for those who share the launch of your app on social media.
  6. Facebook and Twitter: Set up a Facebook page for your app, and generate interest with a hashtag campaign on Twitter, such as a contest. You can direct fans to your landing page. Basically you want to be leveraging your current fan base, and get them to be advocates for your launch.
  7. Reach out to the press: What are the top sites you’d love to see cover the launch of your app? Make a list and reach out to them. Find journalists who write for that site and contact them. Also consider bloggers and other influencers you can share your launch with. Give them access to your app before it goes public so they can play around with it.
  8. Paid advertising: In addition to the interest you’ve generated with your own marketing efforts, social media, and the press, consider some paid advertising close to and shortly after launch day. This could really accelerate the momentum of your app launch and reinforce the exposure you’ve received from other sources.
  9. Focus on one marketplace: If your app is on the iOS platform, you only have one choice for selling your app, which simplifies some things. Android, on the other hand, offers multiple marketplaces. In order to maximize the efficiency of your efforts, it’s best to just focus on one marketplace. Trying to sell in all of them will spread you too thin.
  10. Stay engaged: Throughout the launch and the days after, continue to tweet and post about your new app. Respond to fans who contact you and acknowledge them. For those with suggestions for future features, be sure to follow up and communicate with them so they will remain loyal and enthusiastic. Also be sure to follow up with and thank the journalists who covered your app.

By following the steps above, and if your app is solid, you can rise above the noise and have a spectacular launch. Good luck!