Getting Started With Mobile App Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just build a great app, and it would sell like hotcakes because it’s so awesome? Well, unfortunately as we are all aware, it doesn’t really work that way. It takes concerted and integrated marketing effort throughout the lifecycle of your app if there is any hope of it succeeding in the marketplace. With all the apps out there and all the various marketing mechanisms it can be extremely difficult to get a handle on what you need to do to successfully market your app. Below are some pointers to help you get started.

Start Early

Absolutely start your marketing planning and campaign before your launch date. The foundation of your marketing plans will be a firm understanding of your target audience, which you should have a grasp on already from the design phase of developing your app.

Early tasks in the marketing process will include naming your app in a way that is descriptive of what it does so it will be easier to find when a user searches the app store. Related to this will be compiling important keywords that could be used for searches.

Also early on, create and collect your marketing materials so they are ready when you need them. One of your most important marketing items will be your app logo, so spend the time and money necessary to get a spectacular one that represents your app well and will look great and stand out on someone’s phone screen.

Related to this will be collecting screenshots from your app that will go into the app store detail pages. Great screenshots will help convince visitors to download your app, so make sure they showcase your app’s best features.

Analyze Competition

With keywords in hand, start searching the app stores and find the top five or so apps that will likely be your competition. They will typically rank highly and have a lot of reviews, possibly thousands. You’ll want to read those reviews to identify features users want, things they don’t like, and to get a general feel for the audience.

Create A Landing Page

Creating a great landing page is also something that should be done well before launch day. On this page you can share news about your upcoming app and sign up interested users. Getting an email list of potential users will be extremely valuable moving forward and around launch time to help your app get some traction in the market.

Your landing page is also the place to post some rich content that shows off your app, such as a video or an interactive demo. The app detail page in the store will be limited in what you can show, but on your web page you can and should get creative.


Collect the names of journalists and bloggers from sites where you’d like your app to be reviewed. Make contact with them and give them pre release access to your app so it can be reviewed before launch day. This will help generate much needed buzz around your app and drive more downloads on launch day. Getting lots of downloads in a short amount of time is important for getting ranked highly in the stores.

Launch and Post Launch

Launch day and the period afterwards are when your marketing efforts will really kick into high gear.

You will be tweeting and posting on Facebook, encouraging users to review and rate your app as well as to share the download link with friends across social media.

This is also the time to explore a paid advertising campaign to promote your app. With a combination of paid advertising and organic traffic driven by social media you will start to get some momentum going with your downloads.

To track how your app is selling, you’ll need to install a tracking tool. The two most prevalent apps for tracking and analytics are AppAnnie and MobileDevHQ. Mobile App Tracking is another excellent tool. These tools will show you whether your downloads are coming from organic search, or paid advertising you may have bought, among other important analytic data.

With the above information and techniques, hopefully you can mount a marketing campaign that will reward all your hard work with as many downloads as you can get.