How to Install the Connect Application to the Laptop

How to Install the Connect Application to the Laptop

How to Install the Connect Application to the Laptop – The connex application is an application that can help us to make it easier to access a laptop from a distance. Which is where right now we may not always be on standby on the laptop forever, for sure we will go out to do other activities. Now to make it easier for us to do our work on a laptop, we can remote the laptop via our smartphone by using the connex application.

How to Install the Connect Application to the Laptop

Below you need to prepare to install the Connect application on your laptop:

  1. Activate developer mode if you are using window 10
  2. Install the official website connex apps update
  3. Install the cennex apps from the microsoft store
  4. Use the connex mobile version of the application on your Android or iOS phone, then connect it to Windows 10 on your laptop
  5. Done

connection via bluetooth

Connex apps is an alternative to being able to connect a laptop to a smartphone, connex works the same as the cellphone you have. You can connect your android or ios phone to windows via bluetooth. The way to make the connection is the same as when you connect Bluetooth between smartphones and smartphones. Only with the connex application you can do activities like you are using a laptop.

If you have problems installing the connex apps you can follow the method below;

  1. Microsoft Store apps – only allows you to install specific apps from the Microsoft Store. You will be blocked from installing applications from the website.
  2. Sideload applications – Install applications from known sources that you trust to install third-party applications.
  3. developer mode – Install any application from any source.

With the above method, all your difficulties can be overcome easily without any other obstacles, hopefully the above method can help you.