Your app define’s your organization, and having an app that is responsive and reflects your user’s needs is paramount. Connex Apps is the #1 choice to take your vision and build you the app your customer deserves.

Mobile Strategy

App development requires vision and direction on all levels. The only question you have to ask is “What direction do I want to go?” Connex Apps’ team of developers will be there every step of the way to ensure your vision is translated into a stunning user engagement. If you’re ready to monetize your app, we’ll be there to help with the right strategy to get you the best ROI possible.

User Experience

We work with across all platforms and strive to avoid common pitfalls of mobile apps. Highly task-oriented apps are useless, and unreliable apps will simply be disregarded and forgotten. Avoiding these pitfalls will give your users a better experience overall. Through research, our team of developers gain a better understanding of your preferred user and their knowledge and use of apps. We ensure the usability of the app is consistent with their habits and tailor the experience to their needs.

Native App Development

Having an app available through the App Store or Google Play is critical. With your app downloaded onto their phone, the user will be able to reach your business through LTE or 4G connectivity, and will no longer need an internet connection. Your business can be in the collective palms of your customers much easier with a native app designed through us. The gap between mobile websites and native apps are closing, and Connex Apps can help put your product into the app-store marketplace. We are also able to build hybrid apps, which bring web app functionality to the user contained in the shell of a native app on their phone. Once your audience has been defined, we will provide the best option as to which route to take.

Web Apps

Our designers understand the purpose and importance of mobile apps. They know that simply scaling down your website to fit smartphones may not necessarily work. Accessibility is important to users, and our team will work to create an accessible mobile version of the website your users have come to enjoy. Our web app will ensure that the current coding standards work seamlessly across all platforms. Whatever your web app needs may be, our team will be able to meet them.

Mobile Commerce

Today’s customer is reached through their screen. Having an app that is able to convert users into customers gives companies a leg up in today’s marketplace. Purchases from smartphones and tablets totalled $7 billion in 2015, so optimizing your mobile app for purchases is another avenue we are capable of exploring with you. Keeping the customer in mind, we will help give your customer the fast checkout experience they desire. We will work to make the payment pages reliable and easy to use. Giving your users what they want will make it simpler to make that conversion you’re looking for.

Cloud Integration

Users today want to receive what they’re looking for “now.” They are not as patient as they once were, so using the appropriate technology is the key to keeping users coming back. Unified cloud and mobile strategies are essential, and at Connex Apps recognize that they work in synergy. We run extensive tests in public cloud models before moving the app to private in order to ensure functionality and keep costs low to start. We understand the minutiae surrounding app usage in real-time, and are able to provide you with the solutions to the questions you may have about data transfers and storage.


The safeguarding of user information is extremely important to Connex Apps. We strive to keep our customers’ platforms and apps from security failures and vulnerabilities. We design our apps with security in mind and are driven by your business objectives. We ensure that diligent authentication for all devices – including ones that have been “jailbroken” – and consider the questions surrounding app store security so you don’t have to. The last scenario we want to see is your app becoming compromised and implanting malware onto your users’ smartphones.